I've tried with Postsharp, but their current implementation targets 2.0, and it's getting painful to make it work. Should I roll out my own AoP implementation (I'm thinking of a very VERY basic and utilitarian implementation here)

Or there is an alternative I'm not aware of?


You may wish to take a look at Eric Bodden's list which was taken from a very similar stackoverflow question.


oOo an "out of the box" AOP on CF? You may be a little disappointed.

The best answer is PostSharp. :D The issue here though is that the download link says this:

"It is not stable, however. Download it if you want to try the new features and participate in stabilizing the product."

So there might be some hidden pain if you wish to use it in production. But they do explicitly support CF! I haven't tried it myself yet so I cannot give a review.

Eric Bodden's list is not so hot for Compact Framework which is why this question isn't very similar to that one. I had a quick look at this before the PostSharp CTP 1.5 release and I didn't find any "out of the box" ones. All of the other frameworks (including Spring.NET, which that list omits) seem to require someone to create a port for them. I doubt a port would be very easy either considering the probable use of either Serialization, Code gen on the fly, Reflection.Emit or x86 specific calls.

So yea, PostSharp FTW I guess.

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