I am using Ubuntu OS 14.04 LTS. After I run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade(run this command because I unable to download and update it when the os ask me) I cannot open phpmyadmin again. Before that I can open it normally.

I am using PHP Version 7.0.4-5, phpmyadmin With phpmyadmin I downloaded it from https://www.phpmyadmin.net/ and then move to /var/www/html.

I have enabled


and restart apache2 still not work. And when I run php-m and phpinfo() also cannot find mbstring.

Please help solve this problem. Really thankful for help me.

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Yey :) I have solved it!!!! Just run this

    sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php7.0
    sudo apt-get install php7.0-mbstring

and then sudo service apache2 restart.

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    I solved it using sudo apt-get install php5.6-mbstring. Thanks ! Dec 6, 2016 at 8:51
  • Thanks @Doo Doo We must need to restart server to see the effect! Feb 18, 2017 at 20:35
  • This fixed my issue! I am using Ubuntu 16.04 under a DigitalOcean droplet. This should fix your issue if you are running into this situation. May 17, 2017 at 2:31

I solved with :

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php7.*
sudo apt-get install php7.*-mbstring

and then -

sudo service apache2 restart
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I solved it by these commands :

 sudo apt-get install php-mbstring
 sudo apt-get install php-gettext

First of all as you're using Ubuntu, it supports .so files windows has .dll files

Open terminal and try installing below :

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php7.0

I am using CentOS release 6.9 (Final) tried 1.yum install php-mbstring 2.yum install php-gettext 3.service httpd restart and working fine now

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Nothing worked for me but the following. After I tried all methods, I ran Synaptic Package Manager program and manually forced to install all programs with names beginning from (all versions of):

  • mcrypt
  • mbstring

Then I restarted apache2 in the terminal by

sudo systemctl restart apache2

and that’s it: phpMyAdmin works after these steps.


I also have this problem. I reconfigure phpmyadmin and install php7.0 modules. I post my solution on this post: https://askubuntu.com/a/764254/212315


I initially tried to use sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin php-mbstring php-gettext however this returned an error where it automatically aborted, (which maybe linked to my available memory on a Raspberry pi 3 B+).

Instead I ran sudo apt-get install php7.1-mbstring (note to amend code with your php version. If unsure first check this via; php --version). This should now setup and create config file.

Finally run; sudo service apache2 restart. Reload web address and you should have access to php admin.

Although in some instances you may incur a follow up error; "mysqli extension is missing".

In this case type; sudo apt-get install php7.1-mysql and then; sudo service apache2 restart and.....NOW you should have access to phpadmin.

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