I'm trying to show a checkmark if an answer is the accepted answer:

template: `<div ngIf="answer.accepted">&#10004;</div>`

But I get this error:

EXCEPTION: No provider for TemplateRef! (NgIf ->TemplateRef)

What am I doing wrong?


You missed the * in front of NgIf (like we all have, dozens of times):

<div *ngIf="answer.accepted">&#10004;</div>

Without the *, Angular sees that the ngIf directive is being applied to the div element, but since there is no * or <template> tag, it is unable to locate a template, hence the error.

If you get this error with Angular v5:

Error: StaticInjectorError[TemplateRef]:
    NullInjectorError: No provider for TemplateRef!

You may have <template>...</template> in one or more of your component templates. Change/update the tag to <ng-template>...</ng-template>.

  • Short, sweet, and humble answer - thanks Mark ;) – Cameron Forward Jul 30 at 5:19

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