I'm trying to add a yahoo login to a php website using Yahoo! Social SDK - PHP5 which seems the official and most updated PHP SDK

I created an app from https://developer.yahoo.com/apps/create/ and followed the instructions provided in examples.

So at this early point I have to define Client ID, Client Secret, Application ID and the Callback URL to set the YahooOAuthApplication class.


I visited https://developer.yahoo.com/apps/ and chose the application I previously created but I couldn't find the Application ID.

I also tried the last part of the url when in application but that didn't work either.

  • I also contacted yahoo support, but i got no response. – fat_mike Mar 14 '16 at 2:50

Go to https://developer.yahoo.com/apps/

Clic on your app

See URL, you'll get something like this :


The key TKI2Mw7f at the end is your appID (This is an example)


I am afraid whether Yahoo provides Application ID for latest APIs versions, please check their documentation.

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