Say I have a deeply nested component structure and I don't want to stub the dependencies (mainly services and ajax calls) of all the child components and their child components. Is there a way to inject a stub like Ember.Component.create({}) into the container to replace the real one for that test. It seems like it should be possible but I can't seem to figure out the syntax or find it documented anywhere.


After experimenting a bit more, it turned out to be really simple:

moduleForComponent('test-component', 'Integration | Component | test', {
    integration: true,
    beforeEach: function () {
        this.owner.register('component:test-component2', Ember.Component.extend());

Now {{test-component2}} inside {{test-component}} is going to be a default Ember component.

To also stub the templates add this.owner.register('template:components/test-component2', '') in the beforeEach callback.

💡 For Ember 2 use this.register(...) instead of this.owner.register(...).

Edit: Updates (Ember 3 syntax, template stub) based on comments

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    You might want to stub its template too this.register('template:components/test-componet2', '') – PSWai Oct 13 '16 at 8:59
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    In Ember 3.x, it is: this.owner.register(...) – Rimian Jan 8 at 2:35

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