I seem to have an error when using the example conf.js provided with protractor. I am running my tests with grunt-protractor-runner but it errors even when using the example config provided.

My Gruntfile.js looks like this:

/*global module:false*/
module.exports = function(grunt) {
  // Project configuration.
      protractor: {
        options: {
          configFile: "smoketest.conf.js", // Default config file
          keepAlive: false, // If false, the grunt process stops when the test fails.
          noColor: false, // If true, protractor will not use colors in its output.
          webdriverManagerUpdate: true,
          args: {
            seleniumServerJar: './node_modules/protractor/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.51.0.jar'
        smoke_test: {   // Grunt requires at least one target to run so you can simply put 'all: {}' here too.
          options: {
            configFile: "smoketest.conf.js", // Target-specific config file
            args: {
        protractor_test: {   // Grunt requires at least one target to run so you can simply put 'all: {}' here too.
            options: {
                configFile: "./node_modules/protractor/example/conf.js", // Target-specific config file
                args: {


  // Default task.
  grunt.registerTask('default', ['protractor:smoke_test']);


I am running grunt protractor:protractor_test which uses this file:

describe('angularjs homepage', function() {
  it('should greet the named user', function() {


    var greeting = element(by.binding('yourName'));

    expect(greeting.getText()).toEqual('Hello Julie!');

  describe('todo list', function() {
    var todoList;

    beforeEach(function() {

      todoList = element.all(by.repeater('todo in todoList.todos'));

    it('should list todos', function() {
      expect(todoList.get(1).getText()).toEqual('build an angular app');

    it('should add a todo', function() {
      var addTodo = element(by.model('todoList.todoText'));
      var addButton = element(by.css('[value="add"]'));

      addTodo.sendKeys('write a protractor test');

      expect(todoList.get(2).getText()).toEqual('write a protractor test');

however, when this runs i am presented with the error

Error while waiting for Protractor to sync with the page: "window.angular is undefined.  This could be either because this is a non-angular page or because your test involves client-side navigation, which can interfere with Protractor's bootstrapping.  See http://git.io/v4gXM for details"`enter code here`

I have been to http://git.io/v4gXM but i cannot seem to find anything to fix my issue? Has anybody else had this issue, surely the example test should work always??

  • reverted back to an older version of protractor (last known to work with our test scripts) and it works...?
    – James T
    Mar 11, 2016 at 11:47
  • possibly due to Jasmine try to switch to use Jasmine2 next time if you got the similar issue. (There are many possibilities for this, but easiest solution is using jasmine2)
    – Linh Pham
    Mar 12, 2016 at 13:35
  • I am also getting a similar error after upgrading Protractor. For me, I did not get this error in 3.1.1, but I got other errors, so I was hoping that 3.2.1 would fix those errors. But with 3.2.1 I am running into this exact error. I thought it may be due to the fact that my ng-app directive is on the html element and not the body element. But adding rootElement: 'html' to my Protractor config did not help. github.com/angular/protractor/issues/1742
    – Keith
    Mar 24, 2016 at 16:39

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Exclaimer!!: This doesn't answer your question as such but provides a hack to solve it.

Protractor requires the Angular page to finish synchronization before it runs it's expectations. Therefore, in order to work around this issue you can use:

browser.ignoreSynchronization = true;

This tells the browser that protractor opens to not wait for the Angular to synchronize (ignoreSynchronization), then it waits for angular to finish everything else it's doing, then it adds a 500 millisecond wait to give protractor a chance to find addButton.click(). When the wait finishes, it forces protractor to move onto the next line of code which contains your expect, before this, it was stopping at the addButton.click() line and waiting for the sync (which wasn't happening), before it moved on.

(I think...)


I have exactly the same problem (Protractor 3.1.0 with Jasmine2). It seems to me that the browser.get() in your beforeEach() call is the culprit. Copying that to each test could be a workaround.

  • That was just the example script, I do the browser.get() in my own tests as you say and still get the same error.
    – James T
    Mar 16, 2016 at 14:57
  • In the answering section it says: "Help us find a solution by researching the problem, then contribute the results of your research and anything additional you’ve tried as a partial answer."
    – TomVW
    Mar 16, 2016 at 15:58

i faced same issue and it resolved for me :-

1. downgrade protractor to 3.0.0
2. add jasmine2 in conf.js 

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