I would like disable vertical scroll in all mobile devices and i found this:

document.body.addEventListener('touchmove', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); });

that works very well... but in this way i disable scroll also for a div (my menu) that has overflow: auto.

In dekstop browser to avoid anything with JQuery when $(window).scroll() add overflow: hidden to body. And in that way i don't have problem, but with native javascript code yes... i'm new in javascript.

So with jquery i was able disable scroll of body eccept div with overflow: auto, but not with that js code.

I hope you can help me and sorry for my english.


i solved always with jQuery:

when i want disable scroll add:


with body: fixed i'm sure that also with mobile device is impossible scroll the page (except div that has overflow: auto


you could disable the scrool on just the body part by making it the size of the screen and then make it so it doesnt scrol

document.body.addEventListener('touchmove', function(e){ 
   document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]. style .height = "100vh";
   document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]. style. overflow = "hidden";

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