Title kind of explains it. In both the Development Configuration and Preferences -> Languages -> Ruby SDK and Gems settings I have the correct Ruby version/Gemset selected. But it still just saying:

Error running Development: the_factory: [No Rails found in SDK]

I've used RubyMine on tons of projects and this has never given me a problem. But this is a new project, using Rails 5 and Ruby v2.3.0, and I just can't figure out what's going on here.

This is in Ruby SDK and Gems settings in RubyMine 8: enter image description here

And this is my Development config: enter image description here


When I run rails server in my project folder, it works as expected.


Ok, so I checked it out a little on RubyMine help page and I found this magical phrase:

RubyMine supports Ruby versions 1.8.6 to 2.2

enter image description here

So I removed my rvm Ruby 2.3 version, installed Ruby 2.2.4, create a gemset with Rails 5. Then I assigned that gemset to my project and Voilá! It worked as expected.

Note: This answer my specific question at the date I write this. But this obviously is not a long term answer, so if you are a future boy/girl with this very same problem, first check if your RubyMine version support Ruby >v2.3 before remove your current Ruby version.


For me the solution was that I had several Rails gem versions installed in my project directory.

gem uninstall rails

was the way to go, removing any unwanted versions. Feels like a contradiction - but uninstalling Rails meant that RubyMine could find Rails.

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