I've setup Parse Server Dashboard on my local machine, and followed the instructions to connect to my Parse Server which is hosted on Heroku.

The Server URL I use to connect to Heroku in my iOS is:


, so I used this for the Dashboard also.

My config settings are:

  "apps": [
      "serverURL": "https://my-app-name.herokuapp.com/parse",
      "appId": "appId",
      "masterKey": "masterKey",
      "appName": "appName"

, however I am getting the error "Server not reachable. Could not connect to server".

When I remove the https://, I get the error "Server not reachable. Server version too low."

The version is 2.1.4, which is the minimum requirement for the Dashboard.

Any suggestions please?



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Make sure the config vars (APP_ID, MASTER_KEY, SERVER_URL) between your Parse server and dashboard are set identically. Use https:// instead of http:// for both SERVER_URLs.

To verify your config vars are the same:

  1. Go to your Heroku dashboard
  2. Open both your Parse Server and Dashboard in new tabs
  3. Go to each respective setting tab
  4. Click the Reveal Config Vars button under Config Vars and verify that APP_ID, MASTER_KEY, SERVER_URL are identical for both apps.

Try following these two steps:
npm install -g parse-dashboard

parse-dashboard --appId yourAppId --masterKey yourMasterKey --serverURL "https://example.com/parse" --appName optionalName

The URL should not contain double quotation marks

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