I have used WordPress on Cloud9 successfully previously but can't even get a new one to start via JetBrains IDE.

I have two machines: one Windows (XAMPP) and one Mac (MAMP) and getting same "502 Bad Gateway" error when browser tries to login to WP dashboard page.

I downloaded a fresh WP copy, set up my database and ran index.php in the WP root folder. That does take me through the database questionary and up to the WP login page then the browser hangs there. It tries to load something and nothing happens and if I halt the browser and refresh I'll get 502 error and I'll keep getting this error on ANY OTHER files that I try to run from now on (feels like something server related breaks from within the IDE and I have to restart it).

PHP7 interpreter seems to be working fine because I don't have issue running any other of my NON-WORDPRESS projects.

Project address is http://localhost:63342/wordpress/ but I noticed this below link is shown in PHP-CGI server window: /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.0.0/bin/php-cgi -e -b

Does this php-cgi pointing to a different port # mean anything? I am new to WordPress and it was a breeze starting one in Cloud9 but I just don't understand why it doesn't work in PhpStorm 10.

As I said there is same problem on two machines (WIN, MAC, MAMP, XAMMP, PHPSTORM) so I know it is me who's missing something here.

Any help would be really appreciated.


I recommend you use VVV Wordpress: https://github.com/Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV.

It's a better solution and will help you achieve better results without too much hassle.

I would recommend you to use a simple editor like sublime or atom and install packages, I have personally lost many hours trying to get PhpStorm, MAMP, LAMP, XAMP, work the way they should.

  • thanks Steve, so you think it is the Phpstorm IDE causing this issue? if i restart the IDE i can visit the startup WP page ONCE ( i.e. localhost:63342/wordpress ) but it crashes when i type localhost:63342/wordpress/wp-admin or click on the Dashboard link. then nothing else works after that and everything breaks. same as you i have lost a lot of time trying to set up a simple WP project in my Jetbrains editor and i just don't understand why i can't solve it – Beshad Mar 12 '16 at 7:33
  • I'm a big fan of simplicity, I haven't seen any good documentation on how to correctly configure JetBrains. In my opinion, If I were starting again, I would go for a light editor and then migrate to a IDE, that can be configurable, but now IDEs lack much configuration. – StevenV Mar 12 '16 at 15:04

... [SOLVED] ... thank you everyone for your helps. i managed to solve my problem. it was the port number causing it to crash. my MAMP port number is 8888 (XAMPP is 80) and when i set up Phpstorm a year ago on both machines somehow i entered 63342 as server port number! this never created any problem for me whatsoever running dozens of PHP projects since then but obviously it mattered to Wordpress (dashboard). i went to Phpstorm settings and corrected the port number so it matches MAMP/XAMPP and all working fine now. pretty basic (and silly) mistake to make on my part but that wasted two full days which i could have been teaching myself WP and developing themes/plugins.

again thanks for all the replies.

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