How can I Check the existence of Application in IIS.

Currently i am using

appcmd list app marketsworkflowdev/NonExistApp

But it is giving me details of it's parent site detail, if application doesn't exist on iis.

How can i check Whether an application is exist or not. Thanks


I think your looking for

appcmd list app /site.name: marketsworkflowdev


  • I just wanted to check whether a Application is exist or not. – Pavan Tiwari Mar 12 '16 at 13:21
  • It it is returned in the list it exists. – chief7 Mar 12 '16 at 14:36
  • If it exists then %ERRORLEVEL% is set to 0, otherwise it's set to 1, which may be useful in a CMD script that checks to see whether the site exists – endurium Jun 12 at 12:10

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