I've been migrating my code to Swift and now I'm trying to modernize the UI by switching to view-based table views (OS X). With the cell-based tableview, providing accessibility title, etc. was as easy as overriding the func accessibilityTitle() on the cell (it was a subclass of NSTextFieldCell) - but unfortunately, with NSTableRowView, it's not as easy.

I've overridden pretty much everything I can think of, but the VoiceOver still reads "Table View Cell" and nothing else. The overridden methods don't even get called.

I've also overridden func isAccessibilityElement() -> Bool, func isAccessibilitySelectorAllowed(selector: Selector) -> Bool, func accessibilityIsAttributeSettable(attribute: String) -> Bool to always return true. These methods don't even get called.

I've also tried for the cell to conform to NSAccessibilityStaticText, but that's not possible in Swift, so I've tried a hack, overriding conformsToProtocol(_:), but that never gets called either.

Another thing I've tried was overriding func respondsToSelector(_:) to check what selectors is the runtime checking, but alas nothing helpful gets checked.

Is there anyone who's tried solving this? All I want is to supply VoiceOver with a custom string to be read out...

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    I just tried VoiceOver on my custom NSTableCellViews and they all work out of the box. I'm not doing anything for accessibility. My cell view has 3 NSTextFields and VoiceOver reads all of them out with no problems. – rocky Mar 23 '16 at 22:18
  • @rocky But in case you want to have a custom title, this is a valid question. – Claus Jørgensen Sep 20 '16 at 11:07

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