I've found the following error when running my android application in android studio. app couldn't get installed on my device because of this error. Didn't find the solution :( please help

Auth: [GoogleAccountDataServiceImpl] getToken() failed. Status BAD_AUTHENTICATION, Account: , App:com.android.vending, Service: androidmarket com.google.android.gms.auth.be.account.b.d: Long live credential not available.

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    Why there are so many up votes, but no checked answer? What is the solution anyway? – Louis Nov 26 '18 at 23:45
  • I am facing this problem too. What is the solution? – CMA Aug 20 '19 at 12:33

I had the same issue what helped me was that I had wrong credentials in my google-services.json file and after getting a new file my problem was fixed.

in the process of resolving this issue I also updated my google play services but I do not think this is necessary .


I got this error when tried to install app directly from Android Studio.
It was due to certificate mismatch, since I used release certificate for setting up the app in Play Console, while Android Studio signs the app with debug certificate by default.
Installing app via adb resolved the error.


Make sure to run an APK that you exported and signed with a certificate that matches one of the certificates you used during the application setup in Google Play Console.


I have the same problem some days ago. I just compile my whole code in a new project and Problem Solved!!.

Don't know what was the real problem. There is an issue filed here, with no solution.


Tested the other solutions but nothing worked. Rebooted the device and error was gone.


If you using firebase server, As per the firebase updation if you give phone number authentication put your country code before contact number it is mendetory. example - +91 9999998888


I updated Google Play Services on my phone and stopped receiving the same error. I am importing com.google.android.gms:play-services-cast:9.6.1 and analytics:9.6.1. Not sure if the version running on the device was too low but problem is now resolved but not sure how to prevent this error for users running older versions of Google Play Services.


Please try the App with new google credentials or even try creating the whole peoject on console og google play services if you have used it .


In my case it was a dependency version problem. I had to update the auth dependency for firebase to the latest one: implementation 'com.google.firebase:firebase-auth:17.0.0'

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