Is there a good way of getting the username and info for the ID in github?

Using ID I can currently get the avatar, but not any other user information.


I have checked a similar question: Get github username by id

But the suggested answer does't seem to work any longer. returns nothing.

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your problem is quite a bit easy. You just missed few facts. I am clearing these for you ,

  • You have to check the GITHUB API V3 - for a grasp on how these api really works. which is helpful for future projects.

  • And please also the is used slightly wrong way. You see , you have to use it as this way . In my case it is providing ,

    { "login": "lee", "id": 2014, "avatar_url": "", "gravatar_id": "", "url": "", "html_url": "", "followers_url": "", "following_url": "{/other_user}", "gists_url": "{/gist_id}", "starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}", "subscriptions_url": "", "organizations_url": "", "repos_url": "", "events_url": "{/privacy}", "received_events_url": "", "type": "User", "site_admin": false, "name": null, "company": null, "blog": null, "location": "New York, NY", "email": null, "hireable": null, "bio": null, "public_repos": 6, "public_gists": 7, "followers": 16, "following": 7, "created_at": "2008-03-03T14:23:14Z", "updated_at": "2016-02-26T22:34:45Z" }

so , I think this will solve the problem and wish you a great day . :)

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