Is there any way to get code level access to a bluetooth mapped drive? The simple use case is I have a bluetooth folder in Explorer that looks something like:

"My Bluetooth Places\Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood\DEV1\OBEX File Transfer\E:\"

which maps to a device root, and I want to be able to read/write to the file system by treating it as a standard directory.

Is this possible?


This is not possible. The way to achieve this is to open a Bluetooth serial connection to the device in question, and traverse its file system using the OBEX File Transfer profile.


Yes, it is.

What you see in the explorer is the string representation of PIDL — a list of identifiers.

You should study COM as technology, then Shell extensions.

For what you see in the Explorer, is a virtual 'file' system. The bluetooth software extends it.

Here is a door: IShellFolder interface. Note, that it is not the best place to start learning.

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