Ideally, I'm looking for an article that explicitly says which disk(s) are ssd drives. At the moment I can see 3 disks. C, D and E. I used CristalDiskMark to test the speed of each disk and it turns out that D is by far the fastest so I'm assuming it is the SSD disk. The thing that does not make sense is that it is only 32GB on an a D12 VM and it should be 200GB.


Based on this post: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/blog/new-d-series-virtual-machine-sizes/, it is D:\. From this link:

On these new sizes, the temporary drive (D:\ on Windows, /mnt or /mnt/resource on Linux) are local SSDs. This high-speed local disk is best used for workloads that replicate across multiple instances, like MongoDB, or can leverage this high I/O disk for a local and temporary cache, like SQL Server 2014's Buffer Pool Extensions. Note, these drives are not guaranteed to be persistent. Thus, while physical hardware failure is rare, when it occurs, the data on this disk may be lost, unlike your OS disk and any attached durable disks that are persisted in Azure Storage.

  • In my case the D disk is 32GB and this the bit that is confusing. – Pawel Pabich Mar 14 '16 at 4:55

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