I have a sanity where I enter a browser, sending a value to the url field in order to view the web page. For example, if I click on the url web element, clear its value, and set it with a new value then I want to navigate to the new url. I use the method submit() in order to achieve it but I get an error: Not yet implemented. This is the code:


Any idea how can I navigate to the new url? Seeking help : http://appium.io/get-involved.html Thanks

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  • If that was aimed at me, I didn't vote. But you really should phrase yourself better than posting a "get-involved" link.
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  • All I did was copying the error from the log. The link was part of the error
    – shayyy7
    Commented Mar 14, 2016 at 9:55

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submit() is not supported in Appium. You can use the following:

driver.pressKeyCode(66); //(66 is for ENTER)

according to the new release Java-client version 3.2.0

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