Let's say i have such json and i would like to deserialize it to an object called SubscriberProfile.

{ "field1": "value1", "field2": "value2", "field3": "value3" }

When i use following code it works without any problem,


but i want objectmapper throw and exception if field2 is missing in json (field1 and field2 can be missing).

so such json should throw an exception

{ "field1": "value1", "field3": "value3" }

I've tried to use @JsonProperty(required=true) annotation but works only when serialize it.

Do you have any idea how can i solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

  • In short; jackson doesn't validate on deserialization - you'll need to validate the object post deserialization, eg using hibernate-validator (the reference implementation of JSR-303) – beresfordt Mar 14 '16 at 12:32

You need to remove the default constructor for your bean class. It's what allows Jackson to create a bean without your required field. For example (modified from here):

public class NonDefaultBean {
    private final String myRequired;
    private String myNotRequired;

    public NonDefaultBean(@JsonProperty("myRequired") String myRequired) {
        this.myRequired = myRequired;

    public void setMyNotRequired(String myNotRequired) {
        this.myNotRequired = myNotRequired;
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  • I would have expected required=false on the @JsonProperty to have the same effect but it doesn't. – malana Oct 3 '18 at 21:48

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