We all know that runtime of java takes somewhat more time than C/C++. So are the constraints same for each language or different?

If same, wouldn't it give additional advantage to a programming language rather than Coding?

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Wikipedia: As Java solutions start slower than solutions in other compiled languages, it is not uncommon for Chinese university online judges to use greater time limits for Java solutions to be fair to contestants using Java .

But as an ACM-ICPC World Finalist says (here): time limits are set in a way such that a solution running in time could be written even in slower languages.

By my experience it's mostly matter of order and complexity. For example when a problem is considered to be solved in maximum of O(n^2), time limit and of-course the problem inputs are set in a way that you can accept it with the slowest language in O(n^2) and you will get "Time Limit" with the fastest language in O(n^3)

They both have the same time limit. As they explained when attending an ACM Regional , they have set up the time limit as such that it is solvable in all the allowed languages , even with the addition of Python in this year version of ACM ICPC, the time limit would be same for every question , even though Python is comparably slower than both C++ and Java.

Try finding the best algorithm to solve and use best coding practices , you would not have time limit problems based on the use of your language.

All the best

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