I am currently migrating to CodeLite, as a former Code::Blocks user. Overall, i think CodeLite is a pleasure to use. CB had its flaws, but most of the stuff was working. That includes autocompletion/code completion, for some reason, that just doesn't want to work with CodeLite. Here are a few of the problems i have with codelite:

Mutex no autocompletion

Here m_KernelStateMutex is an instance of the class std::mutex, but whenever i place the dot, i don't get any sort of completion or list of available members. Same goes for namespaces, where auto completion sort of works:

namespace autocompletion error

As you can see, none of the the std::chrono members are visible/shown. The error is the same for just the std namespace. And then finally, i have an error with header autocompletion: i added the include folder in my projects root to the include paths, it compiles - but autocompletions shows some sort of BS:

header autocompletion error

What could be the cause of these problems? My platform is Windows 10 64bit, CodeLite version 9.1.4


Just installed an ancient CodeLite version (6.1.1), and here, everything is working fine.

enter image description here

  • The include paths completion is not a bug, its just how CodeLite found these file (relative to one of the search paths). Just keep on typing and hit Ctrl-SPACE (e.g. cysslib/) – Eran Mar 14 '16 at 18:04
  • @Eran see the issue #1204 on github please. code completion just suddenly stopped working. – calcyss Mar 16 '16 at 15:41

To summarize this issue: It is a bug in CodeLite which was fixed in this intermediate release: http://codelite.org/downloads/codelite/weekly/wip/codelite-amd64-9.15.exe

See the discussion here: https://github.com/eranif/codelite/issues/1204

NOTE If the link for CodeLite 9.1.5 above is broken, it means that you can download a normal installer from our website and this intermediate release is not needed anymore

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