So in XCUITest I use this code to get a button:

XCUIApplication *app = [[XCUIApplication alloc] init];
XCUIElement *button = app.buttons[@"button_identifier"];

getting a tableview using app.tables and image using app.images and so on.

But how can I get a view(UIView)?

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XCUIApplication *app = [[XCUIApplication alloc] init];
XCUIElement *customView = app.otherElements[@"view_identifier"];


let app = XCUIApplication()
let customView = app.otherElements["view_identifier"]

For Swift 3 / 4 it would look like:

let app = XCUIApplication()
let custom_view = app.otherElements["view_identifier"]

Also what I like to do is to have a class variable, as I do reuse these views frequently for different tests:

lazy var custom_view: XCUIElement = { return XCUIApplication().otherElements["view_identifier"] }()

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