How to pass parameters sql query in find by sql

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The documentation explains it all. You do it like this, where author_id and start_date are the parameters passed in.

Post.find_by_sql ["SELECT title FROM posts WHERE author = ? AND created > ?", author_id, start_date]


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    The fact that the parameterized SQL and the parameters themselves need to be put in an array was what helped me, here. I was trying to pass them to find_by_sql as 2 separate params.
    – Lambart
    Oct 3, 2013 at 20:49

There are several different ways of doing this

one way would be what Brendan has proposed.

for others I'll take Brendan's example itself

2 - Post.find(:all, :conditions => "author=#{author_id} and created=#{start_date}")

3 - Post.find_all_by_author_id_and_created(author_id, start_date)

and If you are using rails 3 even you can build your query




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