I was wondering about the difference between using a Control’s Hide() method compared to setting the Visible property to false.

When would I want to use the one over the other?


They are equivalent. From the documentation for Control.Hide:

Hiding the control is equivalent to setting the Visible property to false.

You can confirm this with reflector:

public void Hide()
    this.Visible = false;

You might use Show() or Hide() when you know the value and use Visible when you take the visibility in as a parameter, although personally I would always use Visible.


Use whatever you like, Hide() or Visible, but I can't find any reason to prefer one of them except if you are trying to check the control visibility status, so you should say if(pic.Visible) and in this case you can't use the method Hide() you should use the property Visible


It is really more about your preference here. The two methods will achieve the same result in the same way.

I prefer calling methods, which say what they're doing to change the state of objects. Some people prefer setting the properties of an object.

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