I am writing espresso tests for my app and having difficulties clearing the app state, state gets saved and this affects other tests and brings flakiness to them.

I use intent rule for starting my activity:

    public final IntentsTestRule<MainActivity> mIntentsTestRule = newIntentsTestRule<>(MainActivity.class, true, false);

My setUp clears everything that I have access to: db, sharedPrefs, custom volatile config.

    public void setUp() {

Sadly I have issues with activity saved instance state, this brings flakiness to my tests since previous states are retained.

Is there a way to clear the saved instance states programmatically for each activity start?

  • Did you try to finish your activity after each test? Instance state should not be stored for explicit finished activities.
    – nenick
    Mar 29, 2016 at 6:21

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Issue was caused by a memory leak, so the activity was kept without properly clearing it, thanks for the effort, after resolving the leak espresso ran fine.

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