I am having no problem converting a string to a byteArray of UTF-16 encoded characters, but the application I am trying to communicate with (written in Erlang) only understands Latin-1 encoding. Is there any way of producing a byteArray full of Latin-1 character codes from a string within Actionscript 3?


byteArray.writeMultiByte(string, "iso-8859-1");


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    Yeah, I thought that would do the trick as well, but it actually manages to write the characters themselves instead of the character values. I may be overlooking something obvious.
    – Mike Keen
    Dec 12 '08 at 3:09
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    Can you explain what the difference between the "characters themselves" and "character values" is?
    – aaaidan
    Dec 17 '08 at 4:06
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    Characters are stored in memory as their encoding representation (usually ASCII or UTF-8). For example, the letter "N" is represented as hexadecimal value "4e" in memory.
    – Mike Keen
    Dec 22 '08 at 0:43

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