I have been trying to figure how to set this up properly, but no luck. Screen looks blank and no errors on browser console.

Sample Github demo: https://github.com/oocoder/onsenui-wp-demo

Has anybody tried to set this up?


Thanks. I was able to resolve the issue by assigning ons to the global window object and waiting for Angular on ready event to run the onsenui bindings.

Use: onsenui@2.0.0-beta.7

Sample: https://github.com/oocoder/onsenui-wp-demo


I am unfamiliar with webpack, but adding Onsen to a project is really nothing more than adding some additional files to a standard html project. Some installer options are listed here: https://onsen.io/guide/getting_started.html

Also, to get started with browserify, see the docs here: https://onsen.io/2/

var onsen = require('onsenui/js/onsenui');

onsen.ready(function() {
  onsen.notification.alert({message: 'Onsen UI works with browserify!'});

So, if that is not working, I often recommend for people to get started by going here: https://monaca.io/cloud.html

Sign up for their free account which is to access their awesome cloud IDE. From there, just create a project and select the Onsen 2.0 Quickstart. After that you can export the project and import it into your favorite IDE. You are now setup to develop Onsen apps.

On a side note, I really recommend their cloud IDE. It has so many amazing features and it makes development a breeze.


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