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I have mysql connection code which I need to call each time in every .js file. Say I want sql.js from main.js. I am thinking include(sql.js) ?


 var sql = require('sql');
 var connection = sql.createConnection({
 host : 'localhost',
 user : 'root',
 password : '',
 database : 'db'

if(!err) {

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You can create a module, and require it the following way.

File A: sql.js

var a = function a(){


module.exports.a = a;

Files B, C, D:

var sql = require("./sql");



for example var sql = require('sql.js');

you need in the sql.js to return an object at the end with module.exports = myobj;


module.exports = {
 sql_connection: null,
 connect: function() {
    // connect to db
   this.sql_connection = ... ; // code to connect to the db

  • In some scenarios, it is required to specify a path in the require function (i.e. './sql.js') in order to be recognized, as in @Pavel 's example – Jaime Jul 5 '16 at 8:39
  • It depends if package.json is configured correctly i think, but yes if you don't use "./" it won't search in the current folder. It is better to use require(__dirname + './script.js') in order to execute the script from where you want. – Pierre Emmanuel Lallemant Jul 5 '16 at 9:34

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