Is there a way in OpenLayers (v3.0.1) to set the threshold / tolerance of how many pixels of "dragging" it takes to start panning?

Some of our users use the map with a touchscreen device and a stylus (pen) to select features and pan the map. Now with the stylus, when they "click" they seem to drag a few pixels and the map reacts with panning instead of a select/click event.

Edit: I'm using the select-interaction for the "clicking"/"selecting".

  • Are you using singleClick as a condition to the interaction? – Jonatas Walker Mar 17 '16 at 16:19
  • No I'm using click as condition so it doesn't delay to find out if it's a dblclick. I think the behaviour is the same though because in an earlier version I used singleClick and experienced the same behaviour. – NoRyb Mar 18 '16 at 9:16

In OpenLayers v4.2.0 a new option was introduced:

moveTolerance: The minimum distance in pixels the cursor must move to be detected as a map move event instead of a click. Increasing this value can make it easier to click on the map.

The changelog said:

Some touch devices do not play well with OpenLayers's way of detecting clicks. To overcome this, a new moveTolerance option was introduced, so users can override the 1 pixel threshold above which a touch-release sequence won't be considered a click any more.


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