I'm using Laravel and have a query that selects using DB::raw() SUM() of a column:

DB::raw("SUM(points) as game_points")

I have installed mysqldn and AFAIK Laravel uses PDO.

But game_points is a string, no matter what type of the column is. (It's an integer column)

Also if I do:

DB::raw("COUNT(id) as foo_bar")

foo_bar is returned as an integer.


It's neither Laravel or PDO issue.

According to manual, SUM() returns a DECIMAL value for exact-value arguments (integer or DECIMAL). And the only way to represent DECIMAL type in PHP is string.

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    Interesting, so that's why CAST(SUM(column) AS INTEGER) still works and returns an integer. – Marcel Hernandez Jan 27 at 23:20

You could try to convert that string to an integer by using CONVERT(INT, game_points)

According to bugs.mysql.com, sum() returns a NEWDECIMAL datatype, which is equivalent to string in php, while count() returns an integer datatype.

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    I know what to do to convert/cast them to integers. I'm asking why is this happening. :) – Ivanka Todorova Mar 17 '16 at 10:00

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