I am new to c# and I am using windows forms.

Anyone knows how can I show currency symbol in a label. for example:

double test = 2.5;
lable1.text = test.Tostring();  

The result will show 2.5 but I want to show it as £2.5

Please help me how to do that. Thank you


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String.Format("{0:C}",test); or test.ToString("C"); should do the trick...

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    Yes, good call; string formatting is culture specific; make sure you are using en-GB (which I guess you will be if you are looking for the pound Stirling symbol). Just be careful if you deploy to servers hosted outside the UK that have a different default... Mar 17, 2016 at 19:49

Use string formats like this:

double test = 2.5;
lable1.text = test.ToString("£#.#")

Just in case you want to display the decimals upto 2 places, you could use something like:

lable1.text = test.ToString("£#.##")

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