I use enum for a column in my users table. I want to be able to find all users who are not pending. This is my current code:

enum approval_status: [:pending, :approved, :declined]

User.where.not(approval_status: :pending)

But the SQL query becomes this:

User Load (0.5ms)  SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` WHERE (`users`.`approval_status` != NULL)

No matter what enum value I put in, the SQL turns it to NULL

How do I get ALL users, EXCEPT for a particular value of the approval_status column?

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In Rails 6, negative scopes are added on the enum values.

You can use it like this:


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Rails can't handle symbols in this case. However, strings work fine Strings are broken too, but in a different way :

enum approval_status: [:pending, :approved, :declined]

User.where.not(approval_status: :pending) //breaks
User.where.not(approval_status: 'pending') //returns 0 no matter what the string is.


The above answer doesn't actually work. Any string returns 0 (so it seems like it works if you're seeking your first enum).

The following will actually use your enum:

User.where.not("user.approval_status = ?", User.approval_statuses[:pending])

Note—Rails 5 will have better enum scope support.


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