How can I add transparency value to a palette's swatch? Like I am adding the color(swatch.getRGB()) to a linear layout, It shows solid color. And I don't want to use alpha as it will make other items in layout transparent too.

My code snippet:

Palette palette = Palette.from(myBitmap).generate();
Palette.Swatch swatch1 = palette.getDarkVibrantSwatch();
int color = swatch1.getRgb();
  • If you want to set the alpha on a solid color use this method ColorUtils.setAlphaComponent(int, int). If not then please rephrase the question. – Eugen Pechanec Mar 19 '16 at 10:38

Use android support utility class:

thatLayout.setBackgroundColor(ColorUtils.setAlphaComponent(swatch.getRgb(), alpha));

This is how i got the transparent RGB integer value

Bitmap myDisplayBitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.ic_pic);
if (myDisplayBitmap != null && !myDisplayBitmap.isRecycled())
    Palette palette = Palette.from(myDisplayBitmap).generate();
    Palette.Swatch vibrantSwatch = palette.getDarkVibrantSwatch();

    /*If vibrantSwatch is null then return 0 otherwise :-) */
    int opaqueDarkVibrantColor = vibrantSwatch != null ? vibrantSwatch.getRgb() : 0;

     /*Call the method that returns alpha color */
    int transparentRGBInt = getColorWithAplha(opaqueDarkVibrantColor, 0.5f)

    // prints something like -2146428888
    Log.i("info", String.valueOf(transparentRGBInt)); 


and here is the method that returns alpha value, you need to pass two params int RGB color value and ratio of transparency.

     * @param color opaque RGB integer color for ex: -11517920
     * @param ratio ratio of transparency for ex: 0.5f
     * @return transparent RGB integer color
    private int getColorWithAplha(int color, float ratio)
        int transColor = 0;
        int alpha = Math.round(Color.alpha(color) * ratio);
        int r = Color.red(color);
        int g = Color.green(color);
        int b = Color.blue(color);
        transColor = Color.argb(alpha, r, g, b);
        return transColor ;


Use this to get the Hex value from the int RGB value

String opHexColor = String.format("#%06X", (0xFFFFFF & opaqueDarkVibrantColor));
  • The most perfect answer :D – WideFide Mar 19 '16 at 11:13

I haven't tested this but something like this should work

private int setAlpha(int color, int alpha) {
  alpha = (alpha << 24) & 0xFF000000;
  return alpha | color;
  • return alpha | (color & 0xffffff) would work. – Eugen Pechanec Mar 19 '16 at 10:37
  • Not working for me. – Somesh Kumar Mar 19 '16 at 10:39

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