What is the syntax to concatenate text into a binding expression for an asp.net webpage (aspx).

For example if I had a hyperlink that was being bound like this:

<asp:HyperLink id="lnkID" NavigateUrl='<%# Bind("Link") %>' Target="_blank" 
                        Text="View" runat="server"/>

How do you change, say, the Text to concatenate a bound value with a string? Variations like this aren't quite right.

Text='<%# Bind("ID") + " View" %>'

neither does

Text='<%# String.Concat(Bind("ID"), " View") %>'

Use Eval instead.

Text='<%# Eval("ID", "{0} View") %>'

Eval is also better if the value is not going to be updated, where Bind allows two way data binding.

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    For this question, Eval is correct since there's no point in doing two-way databinding in the NavigateUrl property – John Sheehan Dec 11 '08 at 21:14

You can also place the "concatenation" in the text portion of a tag if using a template field:

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Name" SortExpression="sortName">
   <asp:LinkButton ID="lbName" runat="server" OnClick="lbName_Click" CommandArgument='<%# Eval("ID") %>'>
         <%--Enter any text / eval bindind you want between the tags--%>
         <%# Eval("Name") %> (<%# Eval("ID") %>)

This results in output like:

Name (ID)

inside of the template column.


I have used String.Format("{0}{1}"... before to good effect.


You could use the following:

CommandArgument='<%#String.Format("{0}|{1}", Eval("ArgZero"), Eval("ArgOn"))%>'

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