I am trying to generate a dynamic inventory file. I wrote a program that generates json as well. I want to be able to call my program without a --list option or with another option (can the --list be overwritten somewhere?). If that isnt possible, is there an option to generate an inventory file (without an executable with a --list option) by just using a JSON file? That is the idea would be

ansible-playbook playbook.yml -i test.json 

where the json file is the inventory for the playbook. Right now when i try this method I receive the following error:

ERROR! ERROR! host range must be begin:end or begin:end:step

THis is the json Im working with


I'm not sure on how to load the json directly, but I know a work around using python. If you have this pre-generated json file. You can write a simple python script that you can call with ansible-playbook. Lets call the python file test.py and the json test.json.

Here is my sample playbook..

- name: run command on on host4
  hosts: 'host4.company.biz'
     foo: "{{ lookup('file', 'tmp.txt')  }}"
     - debug: var=foo

Here is the sample python dynamic inventory script... (Make sure to chmod +x on the python script)

#!/usr/bin/env python
from json import dumps, loads
test_file = loads(open('test.json', 'r').read())
print dumps(test_file, indent=4)

ansible-playbook -i test.py -u host4.company.biz -vvvv test.yml --connection=local.

Example output..

ok: [host4.company.biz]

TASK [debug]
task path: /home/linuxdynasty/test.yml:7
File lookup using /home/linuxdynasty/tmp.txt as file
ok: [host4.company.biz] => {
"foo": [


I tested this using ansible 2.0.1

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