Why when I want to open design view of table in MySQL database It every time throws error

Visual Studio MySQL error opening design view

I can view data, edit data, manage data but can't edit table definition. I use Visual Studio 2015 Community, MarriaDB 10.1.9 and MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.6.

  • Sounds like Visual Studio is the wrong tool. Have a look at MySQL Workbench and phpmyadmin.
    – Rick James
    Mar 21 '16 at 16:09
  • 2
    I don't want to use these tools. I usually use MS SQL server and sometimes I have to work with MySQL. I want to have all databases on one place - in IDE what I use.
    – Misaz
    Mar 21 '16 at 20:02
  • I have the same problem. Have you had a chance to solve it?
    – Dims
    Dec 13 '16 at 12:11
  • No I haven't. I have tried answer from @TK-421 but that doesn't work.
    – Misaz
    Dec 13 '16 at 18:29

I was able to fix this problem by uninstalling Connector 6.9.9 and installing 6.9.8 - https://downloads.mysql.com/archives/c-net/

  • It works. Visual Studio 2015 Community + DotNet Connector 6.9.8 + MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.3 is working combination.
    – Misaz
    Mar 14 '17 at 7:34
  • Do you have any ideas about v2.0.5? It is the only version that works on VS2017 currently. Apr 30 '17 at 1:18
  • It works. Visual Studio 2017 Community + DotNet Connector 6.9.8 + MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.7 is working. Apr 3 '18 at 2:32

You need to install the Dot Net Connector.


  • I installed it and nothing changed.
    – Misaz
    Jul 17 '16 at 13:14

It's 2018 now, just thought I'd throw one out there. After several hours of trying random variations I got it to work using other people's answers.

I actually got the development download and it works but only with:

  • MySQL for Visual Studios 2.0.5
  • Connector/NET 6.9.8
  • Visual Studio 2017

Compatibility Reference:


Connector Archive (originally shared by Christopher Hustman):


  • @stigzler sounds like you forgot to do a clean install or something. I wouldn't have posted it if it didn't work for me. Sorry yours broke, that doesn't make it the wrong answer bud. Nov 30 '18 at 6:12
  • It wasn't my installation as I got it successfuly working via the good advice here: stackoverflow.com/questions/49393375/…
    – stigzler
    Nov 30 '18 at 9:21

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