In my application I want to get notified if something is added into the NSPasteboard. If I copy an text from any other program I want my application to know about it.

Somewhere I read it can't be done that way. I should create a timer and check the content of the NSPasteboard myself.

Is this the way to do? Or are there any kind of notifications?


Yes, you essentially have to poll the pasteboard to see if its contents have changed. It's not ideal, but it's possible. Basically, you have a timer that fires once or twice a second and checks the -[NSPasteboard changeCount]. If the changeCount changes, that means the contents of the pasteboard have also changed (or there's at least a new owner).

  • Argh, got me while I was typing... Well, to add to the post, you can set up some code like this (pastie.org/1129293) to watch for changes. Aug 31 '10 at 16:20

Based on answer provided by Dave DeLong I came up with similar implementation but in swift, here is the link to its gist: PasteboardWatcher.swift

Code snippet from same:

class PasteboardWatcher : NSObject {

    // assigning a pasteboard object
    private let pasteboard = NSPasteboard.generalPasteboard()

    // to keep track of count of objects currently copied
    // also helps in determining if a new object is copied
    private var changeCount : Int

    // used to perform polling to identify if url with desired kind is copied
    private var timer: NSTimer?

    // the delegate which will be notified when desired link is copied
    var delegate: PasteboardWatcherDelegate?

    // the kinds of files for which if url is copied the delegate is notified
    private let fileKinds : [String]

    /// initializer which should be used to initialize object of this class
    /// - Parameter fileKinds: an array containing the desired file kinds
    init(fileKinds: [String]) {
        // assigning current pasteboard changeCount so that it can be compared later to identify changes
        changeCount = pasteboard.changeCount

        // assigning passed desired file kinds to respective instance variable
        self.fileKinds = fileKinds

    /// starts polling to identify if url with desired kind is copied
    /// - Note: uses an NSTimer for polling
    func startPolling () {
        // setup and start of timer
        timer = NSTimer.scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval(2, target: self, selector: Selector("checkForChangesInPasteboard"), userInfo: nil, repeats: true)

    /// method invoked continuously by timer
    /// - Note: To keep this method as private I referred this answer at stackoverflow - [Swift - NSTimer does not invoke a private func as selector](http://stackoverflow.com/a/30947182/217586)
    @objc private func checkForChangesInPasteboard() {
        // check if there is any new item copied
        // also check if kind of copied item is string
        if let copiedString = pasteboard.stringForType(NSPasteboardTypeString) where pasteboard.changeCount != changeCount {

            // obtain url from copied link if its path extension is one of the desired extensions
            if let fileUrl = NSURL(string: copiedString) where self.fileKinds.contains(fileUrl.pathExtension!){

                // invoke appropriate method on delegate
                self.delegate?.newlyCopiedUrlObtained(copiedUrl: fileUrl)

            // assign new change count to instance variable for later comparison
            changeCount = pasteboard.changeCount

Note: in the shared code I am trying to identify if user has copied a file url or not, the provided code can easily be modified for other general purposes.

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