So I'm trying to write a custom template for the angular-formly librarythat uses the signature pad directive as a field. I've been able to use the basic template method to get the signature pad to show up: {
        name: 'signaturePad',
        template: '<signature-pad accept="accept" clear="clear"' +
            'height="220" width="568"></signature-pad>' +
            '<button ng-click="clear()">Clear signature</button>' +
            '<button ng-click="signature = accept()">Sign</button>'

However, the issue that I'm having is that the signature variable that accepts the return value once the Accept button is clicked is not accessible in the scope of the main controller.

Perhaps a clearer version of the problem would be: {
        name: 'helloWorldButton',
        template: '<button ng-click="vm.clicked()">Sign</button>'

How can I access the a function vm.clicked() inside of the application controller. The form itself is declared within the ng-controller scope:

<div ng-controller="controllerName as ctrl">    
    <form ng-submit="ctrl.onSubmit()">
        <formly-form model="ctrl.userData" fields="ctrl.userFields">
            <button type="ctrl.submit">Submit</button>
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I managed to figure a different way of getting this to work, for anyone concerned. {
        name: 'signaturePad',
        template: '<button ng-click="openSigPad()">Sign</button>',
        controller: function($scope, $uibModal) {
            $scope.openSigPad = $;
            .then(function(result) {
                $scope.model[$scope.options.key] = result;

This way, I created a modal using UI Bootstrap, display any necessary info in that, and then return the modal result back to the model of the field itself. Works great.

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