I want that when an item is added to cart the flaoting action button show open this layout. Does anyone have an idea how to do this..

This is the floating action button at the bottom right corner


This is how the layout must open on fab click


Please help me do this..

  • You can show it as custom dialog on main layout – GiapLee Mar 20 '16 at 7:21
  • display custom dialog or change visibility of layout with circular animation. – Wasim K. Memon Mar 20 '16 at 7:48
  • ya i can use a custom dialog but it is a seperate activity and it causes the bacground layout to dim. I want it over the same layout such that elements on the parent layout are accessible when this dialog shows up – Rohit Mishra Mar 20 '16 at 11:25

You have 3 options,

Option 1

On clicking fab just hide it and show a custom dialog box to the exact same position you want.

Option 2

Use a custom SnackBar and display it , example link here

Option 3

Use this library FABRevealLayout to expand FAB to a layout.

  • thanks buddy!! worked – Rohit Mishra Mar 20 '16 at 21:38

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