Is it possible to bypass the Freemarker cache when certain templates are requested? I realise that I'll probably have to implement my own TemplateLoader in order to do this, but even so, I can't see a way to check the cache when say template A is requested, but bypass it when template B is requested?

If this is not possible, I'll just have to disable caching completely.

  • Are you using freemarker directly or through some web framework ?
    – krosenvold
    Dec 11 '08 at 22:15

try disabling caching on your configuration:


This should cause it to check for a newer version of a template every time it's requested.

To skip the cache for only certain templates, you only need to override getLastModified to return a very old date for certain templates, forcing a reload.


You would set this on the configuration object itself. See this page for details.

For your particular problem, you could do the following:

cfg.setSetting(Configuration.CACHE_STORAGE_KEY, "strong:0, soft:0");

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