I am using ocaml utop, with Core.Std module.

To see the help on a module, I have to follow the link of aliases like so:

utop # #show_module Array;;
module Array = Core_kernel.Std_kernel.Array                                                                                            

utop # #show_module Core_kernel.Std_kernel.Array;;
module Array = Core_kernel.Std_internal.Array                                                                                          

utop # #show_module Core_kernel.Std_internal.Array;;
module Array = Core_kernel.Core_array

And finally show_module on that will show the information. Is there a quicker way?



For completeness, the pull request mentioned by Daniel in the comments has been merged since, and now utop is smarter when it comes to #show_module.

utop # #show_module Array;;

module Array = Base__.Array
module Array = Base.Array
module Array :
    type 'a t = 'a array
    val compare : ('a -> 'a -> int) -> 'a t -> 'a t -> int
    val t_of_sexp : (Sexp.t -> 'a) -> Sexp.t -> 'a t
    val sexp_of_t : ('a -> Sexp.t) -> 'a t -> Sexp.t

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