I want to implement some function like this:

public static string GetResult(string sql) {
    // TODO: 
    // result = connection.Query(....);
    // return result.FirstRow().FirstChild().ToString();

And call like this:

string myName = GetResult("SELECT userName from tb_Users WHERE ID = 1");
// or
int totalRows = Convert.ToInt32(GetResult("SELECT count(*) FROM tb_List"));

How can I implement TODO section using Dapper ?

  • It depends entirely on what you're telling Dapper the object type is. First() will give you the first row. If you tell Dapper the object type is string, you should be able to simply return Query<string>(sql).First();. Also - running ToString() on the result and then parsing it back into an typed value is asking for trouble. – Rob Mar 21 '16 at 6:11
  • @Rob helps me a lot! – ineztia Mar 21 '16 at 6:25

Dapper has ExecuteScalar[<T>] which can be used if you are reading one column, one row, one grid. So:

var name = connection.ExecuteScalar<string>("select 'abc'");
int count = connection.ExecuteScalar<int>("select 123");

There is also Query{First|Single}[OrDefault][<T>] for all the usual "sort of one row, multiple columns" scenarios.

A word of caution on your API: anything that only accepts a string of sql (and no separate parameters) makes me very nervous that you are about to cause sql injection problems.

  • thank u for caution, my codes above are just sample to make you easy to read :P – ineztia Mar 22 '16 at 1:45

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