I want lucene to search for hyphenated words, for eg: energy-efficient or "energy-efficient" as one single word

So if the input is energy-efficient the tokenizer generates terms like energy or efficient or energy efficient or energy-efficient

Therefore lucene returns with pages containing both "energy efficient" and "energy-efficient", but I want it to return exclusively with pages for energy-efficient

So the question is how can I modify the standardtokenizer to search for energy-efficient as one whole word and not break it into separate words.


Use WhitespaceAnalyzer instead of standardAnalyzer.
That will generate tokens dividing only on white space. But check for the other things that'll be changed.

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    Thanks a lot! There isn't much documentation about these things. I have a custom Analyzer to prevent stop words from being filtered, so I'm now using a WhitespaceTokenizer instead of the StandardTokenizer in my analyzer. Beware though, when using a WhitespaceTokenizer, the searching becomes case sensitive. So I had to wrap it through a LowerCaseFilter first. – Thermometer Jun 4 '15 at 9:57
  • I fear not! Whitespace analyser is very accurately named: "bubble" is counted as an entirely different token to "bubble:", for example. For 99% of cases this is not of much use... and I don't think it's of use to the OP – mike rodent Dec 20 '16 at 17:54

Here is my complete blog on Lucene and Hyphen

If you want to give support of HYPHEN in StandardAnalyzer then you have to make changes in StandardTokenizerImpl which is responsible for tokenization.

StandardTokenizer breaks hyphenated words into two for example "energy-efficient" is tokenized as energy,efficient.

As StandardTokenizerImpl.java is generated class from jFlex and its input file is StandardTokenizerImpl.jflex you have to add following line in SUPPLEMENTARY.jflex-macro which is included by StandardTokenizerImpl.jflex

            MidLetterSupp = ( [\u002D]  ) 

After that generate the StandardTokenizerImpl.java using jflex and rebuild the index.

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