I am creating a consumer using soladmin. consumer is an ssl consumer and the operational state is down. I am getting an error saying "local ssl Handshake failed : Server certificate verification failed : not trusted common name"

any have any ide in what situations I get this error.

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The error indicates that the Solace appliance/VMR is not able to verify the common name of the server certificate of the REST consumer.

You can get rid of the error by either:

  1. Adding the common name of the REST consumer's SSL certficate as a trusted common name for this specific REST consumer.

    a) Right click the REST consumer in SolAdmin.

    b) Left Click "Manage SSL Options" Manage SSL Options

    c) Add the correct trusted common name. Add Trusted Common Name

  2. Disable "Enforce Trusted Common Name" on the VPN.

    a) Login via the CLI

    b) Enter the following series of commands, replacing myVPN with the actual name of your VPN.

    solace> enable
    solace# configure
    solace(configure)# message-vpn myVPN
    solace(configure/message-vpn)# rest
    solace(configure/message-vpn/rest)# ssl server-certificate-validation
    solace(...est/ssl/server-certificate-validation)# no enforce-trusted-common-name

    c) Verify that "Enforce Trusted Common Name" is now disabled. Once again, replace myVPN with the actual name of your VPN.

    solace> show message-vpn myVPN rest
    Message VPN:                         myVPN
    REST SSL Server Certificate Validation
          Enforce Trusted Common Name:   Disabled
          Maximum Chain Depth:           3
          Validate Certificate Dates:    Enabled

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