In Elixir you can get the md5 of a string:

ex(1)> :crypto.hash(:md5 , "Elixir") |> Base.encode16()

But why does not return the same value from Terminal?

[~ ~]$echo 'Elixir' | md5

Sure I'm missing something.

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    It is recommended to not use MD5 anymore, but SHA instead. More background on this: djm.org.uk/posts/… – Tilo Aug 23 '16 at 0:07

The echo command will include a new line:

iex>:crypto.hash(:md5, "Elixir\n") |> Base.encode16()

You can use case to modify the case of Base.encode16:

iex>:crypto.hash(:md5, "Elixir\n") |> Base.encode16(case: :lower)

You can use the -n flag with echo to prevent the new line:

$ echo -n 'Elixir' | md5sum
a12eb062eca9d1e6c69fcf8b603787c3  -
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    You cal also refer to djm.org.uk/posts/… – Rodrigo Dias Oct 19 '16 at 16:30
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    md5 actually spits out binary data with non printable characters. In order to make it readable virtually every program converts the binary into base 16, which is composed of the 16 characters (0-9, a-f). – David McHealy Mar 12 '18 at 16:47

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