I am using Mac OS in VMWare for iOS app development.

After updating the OS and Xcode, the iOS device isn't available so I cannot test it.

When the device is plugged in to the PC, the device appears as connected in VMware and marked with green point. But, it does not appear in Xcode's devices.

I am using Mac OS 10.11. Does anybody have ideas?


I had the same issue, but was quite easy to solve. Follow the next steps:

1) In the Virtual Machine (VMWare) settings:

  • Set the USB compatibility to be 2.0 instead of 3.0
  • Check the setting "Show all USB input devices"

2) Add the device into the list of allowed development devices in your Apple Developer's account. Without that step there is no way to use your device in Xcode.

Next some instructions: Register a single device

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    That's a great workaround but not a solution. What if I like to use USB3 on the same VM? – user643011 Apr 25 '17 at 12:18
  • You're a savior. VMware should document this somewhere or show as an option. – Dheeraj Bhaskar Jul 28 '17 at 9:37
  • Same thing for virtualbox but have to install VirtualBox Extension Pack and used USB 3. – Amr Lotfy Sep 28 '17 at 8:23
  • Posted for an other dev -> 0 solutions worked for me except this one, thank you so much. My case was that neither Itunes or Xcode detected my Iphone and i tried every others solutions. Just putting 2.0 USB and rebooting solved this case, my xcode detects now my ipnone perfectly. – Doctor Oct 18 '17 at 16:43
  • wow it worked thanks – njoromwando Dec 30 '17 at 10:56

The other answer is lacking some additional information from the following post. For example, when the iPhone keep Connect / Disconnect in a loop. So here is a better solution:

  1. In vmware.log search the vid & pid of your iphone USB:

    vmx | USB: Found device [name:Apple\ IR\ Receiver vid:05ac pid:12a8
  2. Close vmware (to unlock .vmx)

  3. In the .vmx, add:

    usb.quirks.device0 = "0xvid:0xpid skip-reset, skip-refresh, skip-setconfig"  

    Replace 0xvid:0xpid by the vid & pid found in vmware.log. Example:

    usb.quirks.device0 = "0x05ac:0x12a8 skip-reset, skip-refresh, skip-setconfig"
  4. In vmware > Edit virtual machine > USB Controller : USB compatibility : USB 2.0
    Active : Automatically connect new USB Devices
    Active : Show all USB input devices
    Active : Share Bluetooth devices with the virtual Machine

  5. Launch Mac OS and make sure that the mouse is Focus on vmware (or just use the login prompt if it appear)

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    When you look for the answer for 5 hours and find this that answer that fixes the problem. – Louis Hong Mar 18 '18 at 0:24
  • This worked out for me. Also, I had the same vid and pid, I am using a genuine apple usb cable(if that makes any difference). – legalimpurity May 5 '18 at 7:22
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    This should be the accepted answer, this solves the problem when using Windows and the device keeps switching between the OS'es – Giovanni Terlingen Jun 11 '18 at 10:18
  • where vmware.log located in Ubuntu 18.04, VMware player 14? – CodeBy Aug 3 '18 at 10:30
  • This is the only solution that work for me :-) Thank you – Andrea Borgogelli Avveduti Sep 18 '18 at 7:36

I had same issue with VMWare 12.5.2 and OS: Mac OS Sierra.
These are few steps to solve this issue:(which worked for me.)

  1. Open VMWare.
  2. select your OS. (Mine is MacOS Sierra)
  3. Then In left hand side, Select option "Edit virtual machine settings"
  4. There will be one popup of setting. In that you need to select "Hardware" Tab.
  5. In that, there is option "USB Controller". Select that. You will find option right hand side.
  6. In that, Set USB compatibility as "USB 2.0" and check all 3 options as selected. options must be as following: i) Automatically connect new USB devices, ii) Show all USB input devices, iii) Share Bluetooth devices with the virtual machine
  7. Press OK.

There you go. It will work. Now you can power on your virtual machine.And try to connect your device with proper USB cable. Sometimes there can be issue with USB cable which are not authorized. Still if you have doubt, you can ask me here.

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    I try to connect an Iphone or an Ipad but It does not work – Felix Jul 31 '17 at 19:08
  • if you are still unable to get your iPhone detected, try to plug-out and plug-in your iPhone while VMWare Screen in focus, did the job for me. cheers :) – Mohammad Mahroz Oct 21 '17 at 14:56

I am running an Iphone 8+ and VMWare macOS High Sierra on a Windows 10 machine.

I went through dozens of troubleshooting posts, and the none of them, excluding setting your VMs USBs to 2.0, helped. Through trial and error, and a decent amount of liquor, I have figured it out.


Do these things, in this order:

  1. With the VM off, go to your settings for whichever machine you're using, and change the USBs to 2.0. You can find this in the same menu that you allocated your ram and cores

  2. Make sure your phone is plugged in, and turned off.

  3. Boot up the VM, macOS.

  4. Turn Phone on when mac is booted

  5. Open Xcode

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    this worked for me – marco Jun 12 '18 at 8:28
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    does the type of liquor matter? ;P Skotch did the trick for me. – TheeBen Sep 8 '18 at 1:45

Do what is suggested in the answer, but make sure you also click inside the VM so that OSX has the focus before you plug in the phone. In my case, I had to do that to make it work.


I would like to add something.

For the devices to work in your Mac you have to make sure that they are connected to it. I don't know how this is handled in other versions but I am using VMware Workstation 12 Player

If you go to Player (Top left corner) > Removable Devices > Enable the device you want

Thats what i had to do.

  • This method is actually easy and correct If you use VM player (I'm VM Player 14). – Tokenyet May 27 at 15:08

Here is another thing to try (I'm using Windows 10):

  1. Stop the VM.
  2. Open Start.
  3. Type "Services".
  4. Find VMWare USB Arbitration Service and start it.
  5. Connect your device and hopefully, it will be detected.

This is what worked for me. I have no idea why the service wasn't started in the first place and it used to work fine with my IPhone 7. Good luck.


I have 2 computers with VMWare Workstation and Mac OS Sierra installed as the guest OS. First machine could recognize my iOS device whereas my second machine could not recognize it. The second machine was exhibiting the same behavior as others reported where it would reconnect and disconnect with the iPhone endlessly.

Thankfully, my second machine had network connectivity problems with my VM. So I stumbled upon the solution when I reset my network settings for the VM.

You can try the following steps and see if it works for you. It worked for me.

  1. Go to Start Menu.
  2. Open VMWare folder.
  3. Start VMWare Network Editor.
  4. Click Change Settings button to assign Administrator privileges.
  5. Click Restore Defaults button.
  6. Open Virtual Machine.
  7. Verify internet connectivity on Mac OS.
  8. Connect iOS device. If iTunes launches on Mac, this means that the Mac has correctly identified your iOS device.

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