After reading through some of the React Native docs I was left wondering where the term 'vend' comes from. Can anyone elucidate the etymology of 'vend' or whether the word could benefit from a more expansive definition than the procedural one given in the docs (this one is from the React Native iOS docs):

Vending a view is simple:

  • Create the basic subclass.
  • Add the RCT_EXPORT_MODULE() marker macro.
  • Implement the -(UIView *)view method

In this case, vend is synonymous with 'serve'. Try replacing each instance of 'vend' with 'serve' and it should make sense to you.

The key is to make the RCTMapManager a delegate for all the views it vends, and...


You can see we're setting the manager as the delegate for every view that it vends, then...


These subclasses are similar in function to view controllers, but are essentially singletons - only one instance of each is created by the bridge. They vend native views to the RCTUIManager, which...

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  • I have a background in web development so 'serve' seems a little strange to me in this context. Aren't we talking about the bridge between the OS and React Native? For example, in a web context, I wouldn't say React's virtual DOM is serving views, although I guess that does make some sense. Maybe 'vend' is a portmanteau referring to virtual rendering per se. – j3py Mar 23 '16 at 0:51
  • Exactly. I'm using serve as in a sort of servitude, where one thing delivers (or serves) something over the bridge to another. – Chris Geirman Mar 23 '16 at 1:05

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