I am new to php and this little bugger has been eating up my day, perhaps it's due to some property of php I am unaware of?

As part of some code for getting some data out of an xml file (using the event based Expat parser), I have the following code

$fieldName = "";

............... some other code ............

function char($parser,$data)

    global $xmlFields, $fieldName;

    if($fieldName) {
        if($fieldName == "brandName" || "oeNumber" || "articleId" || "quantityPerPackingUnit" || "attrName") {
             $xmlFields[$fieldName] = $data;
             echo $data;

I try to echo $xmlFields["brandName"] for example, and nothing is printed.

1) I know that $xmlFields["brandName"] is non-empty because echo $data actually returns something.

2) If I change to $xmlFields[$fieldName] = 'some string'; then echo $xmlFields["brandName"] will print 'some string'

so why won't it print $xmlFields["brandName"]?

Thanks in advance, Yazan


The following expression

$fieldName == "brandName" || "oeNumber" || "articleId" || "quantityPerPackingUnit" || "attrName"

is parsed as

      ($fieldName == "brandName") || ("oeNumber")
    ) || ("articleId")
  ) || ("quantityPerPackingUnit")
) || ("attrName")

Notice that your equality check is separated from the other checks. In this case, the expression always evaluates to true.

You can use an array for this case:

in_array($fieldName, array("brandName", "oeNumber", "articleId", "quantityPerPackingUnit", "attrName"));
  • Thank you all, you're comments were very helpful. Problem solved. – YazanS Sep 4 '10 at 12:03

You cannot link ORs like that. try

    if($fieldName == "brandName" || $fieldName =="oeNumber" || $fieldName =="articleId" || $fieldName =="quantityPerPackingUnit" || $fieldName == "attrName") {

As Deceze said a much better option when you are searching in an array is to use

if (in_array($fieldName, array("brandName", "oeNumber", "articleId", "quantityPerPackingUnit", "attrName")))

I know some languages allow such construct but php is not one of them.


Try this as a shorter version of Iznogood's answer:

if (in_array($fieldName, array("brandName", "oeNumber", "articleId", "quantityPerPackingUnit", "attrName")))

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