I have a big text file (URL.txt) and I wish to perform the following using a single sed command:

  1. Find and replace text 'google' with 'facebook' between line numbers 19 and 33.

  2. Display the output on the terminal without altering the original file.


You can use SED's range selector for that:

sed '19,33{s/google/facebook/}' file

This will run the substitution on lines between 19 (exclusive) and 33 (inclusive)

Note this will only replace the first occurrence of google on each line, you can use the g-modifier to change this behavior:


the above answer ALMOST worked for me on Mac OSX.

sed '19,33s/google/facebook/' file

worked perfectly without braces.

sed '19,$s/google/facebook/' file

works until the end of the file as well.

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    Consider linking the answer you're referring to instead of referencing "the above answer", as the answer may not be on top of yours for ever :) – Paul Benn Dec 10 '19 at 11:33

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