I have the following relational database schema:


I want to write the following query in relational algebra without using inequalities, disjunctions or conjunctions in the selection operator:

List the names of items that had bids of $50 that did not sell.

I've attempted to write it myself and have come up with the following (though unsure if it is correct or not):

πiname(σprice=50((ITEM⨝BID) - πiid(SALE)))

I don't know how to write relational algebra with the correct symbols using Stackoverflow so I just used an external calculator. If my attempt is unclear, let me know and I will try to explain (or even better, if someone can edit the question to make it clearer that is also great).

  • Relational difference is only defined for 2 inputs with the same headings (attribute set/list ). It does a set difference, returning tuples from the left that are not in the right. But--when you wrote the minus, how did you think the operator acted? Why did you write it? Related operator anti-join returns left tuples that don't match any right tuples. You need to tell us what operators you can use, including definitions, including what a relation is defined to be (maybe by a reference to your textbook name & edition & what page). (There are many versions of relational algebras.) – philipxy Dec 19 '18 at 4:28
  • Please use text, not images/links, for text (including code, tables & ERDs). Use a link/image only for convenience to supplement text and/or for what cannot be given in text. And never give a diagram without a legend/key. – philipxy Dec 19 '18 at 4:29

Actually I think your attempt is almost good.

I'm not sure about the dimension of your tables when one does the subtraction. In my opinion one should always have the same dimension. That is to say:

πinameprice=50((ITEM⨝BID) - πiid(ITEM⨝SALE)))

I beg for confirmation. But to my mind this is how we do.

The thing is that StackOverflow hasn't tool such as Mathjax in order to write nice relational algebra equations, even if they are part of the site's topics. The debate on wehter to implement Latex has started three years ago. To write proper relational algebra you should use <sub></sub> especially for the sub, or add a Latex image from math.stackexchange.com

Furthermore, even if this is an on-topic question on SO, in order to have more answers you should consider to ask these types of question on Database administrators site. We are nice guys and committed with relational algebra, relational calculus...

  • Ah, the dimensions of both the tables being the same when subtracting makes sense. Do you think that it would make a difference to the answer either way? – cp101020304 Mar 23 '16 at 1:31
  • Not sure, I beg for double check about what I said. – ThePassenger Mar 23 '16 at 6:57
  • @cp101020304 What do you mean, make a difference? An expression with minus with arguments with different headings doesn't mean anything. – philipxy May 7 at 9:48

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