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My problem is regarding the application of Static keyword for a class. As it is easy to apply static keyword for instance variables and methods but while coming to classes it is not working. finally please help me to solve the code

static class Box{
    static int width,depth,height;
    static void volume(int w,int d,int h){
        double vol=w*d*h;

class ClassStaticTest{
    public static void main(String[] args){
        //Box b=new Box();

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Top-level classes cannot be static, because the static keyword represents a relation between a class/member/method and the enclosing class.

As the top-level classes don't have an enclosing class, then the static keyword doesn't makes sense in this case.


It makes no sense to make non-inner classes static.

static means: on the level of the containing class, and not instance of it.

In what you try to do: there is no containing class.


Only nested (inner) classes may be static. static has no meaning with regular classes

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